6 IT Ops challenges that could threaten your digital transformation  

13 April 2021:

Here are six IT Ops-related factors you need to know to ensure a smoother digital transformation.

1. Digital demands monitoring

Organizations can be overzealous in their rush to digitize, with different groups deploying their own monitoring tools to handle the multi-clouds they use. But industry observers say this siloed approach is creating operational complexity, and hindering digital transformation.

Mark Hughes, senior vice president of offerings and strategic partners at IT service firm DXC, said many of his customers are still struggling with the whole concept of digital transformation.

Getting to your target state of hybrid infrastructure can take some time, Hughes said. Plus, not everything needs to be in the cloud, which brings variability in cost and scalability, so it requires careful planning, he added.

Further, to yield cost benefits, operational changes need to be made, including different testing, development models, and security. "So it requires a fundamental re-engineering," making it important to take the time to figure out your strategy is, he says.

Where digitalization goes, monitoring must follow, said Valerie O'Connell, a research director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

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Source: Tech Beacon

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