Clean Sweep: A 30-Day Guide to a New Cybersecurity Plan  

2 April 2021:

While the arrival of spring promises better days ahead, enterprises are also facing a cyberthreat landscape filled with both familiar threats and emerging attack vectors. As a result, it’s worth taking stock of current security systems and services to see what’s working, what isn’t and where operations can be improved. But how do businesses begin?

Start with the 30-day spring cleaning challenge. Experience four weeks of practical programming, followed by a two-day wrap-up. It’s designed to help companies evolve current cybersecurity policies into improved infosec operations that reduce operational risk.

Week 1: Assess Your Cybersecurity Plan

Simply put, good intentions and increasing awareness don’t translate into actionable results. Enterprise IT environments are too large and too complex to fully secure over the course of years or even decades — let alone during a single, 30-day month.

As a result, Week 1 of the spring cleaning challenge focuses on smart assessment. This has several parts. First, you will determine where your existing cybersecurity plan is working and where policies are coming up short. Next, decide where it makes the most sense to spend IT security budgets and shore up specific weak points.

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Source: SecurityIntelligence

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