10 ways to secure a mobile workforce  

5 October 2016:

Super mobile worker

We are entering the age of “supermobility,” in which mobile devices will provide all of the tools and technology that employees need to be productive on the go. And while workplace flexibility and convenience are at an all-time high, super-mobile employees are actually putting enormous amounts of company data at risk.

From using unapproved apps and devices to accessing unsecure Wi-Fi networks, leaving private information unattended and ignoring security updates on mobile technology, cyber risks are increasing as organizations strive to become “supermobile.” Alvaro Hoyos, chief information security officer at OneLogin, provides some tips to keep those mobile workers in check.

Define a realistic security policy

If you implement policies that are too rigid or out of place with the current maturity of your company’s security program, chances are that your employees are going to subvert or ignore them altogether. If your employees find that the policies are strict, but workable, they will be more open to approaching you with issues or concerns on how they can meet policy and still get their work done. This is especially important for a mobile workforce, which can feel more “removed” from your company the longer they are away from company headquarters and company policies and procedures. Just as important, your policies should account for your mobile workforce and provide reasonable alternatives for policies that are not feasible while on the road or when working from home.

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Source: CSO

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