CHRO: Why Your Company Needs to Hire One ASAP  

12 March 2021:

The human resources department at your organization is often met with a long list of tasks to accomplish day in and day out.

With everything from recruitment to payroll on their plate, they deserve a leader they can count on in the form of a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Besides a company’s CEO, a CHRO, sometimes referred to as a Chief People Officer, has the potential to be one of the most strategic and impactful positions in any organization, no matter the industry.

At the executive level, a CHRO will manage the HR department while focusing on the development of the organization and how to implement the right policies to ensure the company is efficient for the long haul. While this position is new to the C-suite, it’s a role that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why your company needs a CHRO

The importance of HR has increased drastically over the recent years, as finding the right talent to grow your organization is often a number one priority. More often than not, other C-suite or senior executives can view the HR department as simply doing administrative tasks or working to remain compliant, but there’s so much more to the department than that.

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