The way we work: Embedding innovation DNA for the digital era  

2 February 2021:

Business innovation is a priority for organisations adopting digital technologies. However since innovation requires the right culture and environment to be seeded first before it can flourish and demonstrate results, HR function has a key role to play.

In order for HR function to support and facilitate innovation become the DNA of the business, to begin with, it has to address this requirement at its own home turf first. Based on the technology and business trends, HR function has the opportunity to either support the business requirements or contribute towards redefining the business model on the strength of innovation it is able to bring about in its functioning.

If the stated business goal is to scale the business substantially, or enhance customer experience or reduce overall costs, HR function’s innovation initiative would have to focus on areas such as recruiting at scale within the given timelines at optimal costs or hiring quality talent with niche skills or providing analytics of productivity of resources deployed to help businesses which have more than 50-60% costs on account of people cost. With the increasing access to digital technologies, proposals such as work from anywhere, introduction of robots as part of the workforce, supporting diversity as a practical consideration to tap the right talent and creating niche channels for talent resourcing are some examples that are being considered by organisations.

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Source: Financial Express

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