The Role Of HR In Supporting Digital Transformation  

25 December 2019:

The changing nature of work

A confluence of knowledge, technology and new ideas are all starting to come together to generate huge change in the workplace.

As Oliver Leisse, speaker, author and entrepreneur, told a select group of 25 senior HR, Finance and Digital Transformation executives during a roundtable discussion in Frankfurt in early November: “An important term in this context is ‘convergence’. Put another way: things are coming together. In all areas, silos are opening up and that’s when the leaps that take us into the future are made possible.”

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The event, which was hosted by payroll software giant ADP and leadership networking forum Corporate Leaders, was entitled “The role of HR in supporting digital transformation.”

Leisse predicted in his keynote speech that technologies, ranging from quantum computing to blockchain, would all have huge implications regarding the nature of work. But the software that is top of mind for most HR professionals today is artificial intelligence (AI).

This is partly due to its potential for job losses across a “broad front” over the next five to 10 years, he said. But it is also partly because of expected changes in job roles as people and machines learn how to work together in ways that complement each other.

However, as part of this process of change, it will become necessary to help employees re- and up-skill in order to develop new expertise. According to Leisse, the ideal here will be: “People who can think, develop and advise in a holistic fashion”.

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