The 10 skills HR professionals need in 2021 (and how to easily achieve them)  

10 February 2021:

The last 12 months have put HR professionals under a huge amount of pressure. Many have been dealing with a host of issues thrown up by the pandemic, often for the first time such as furloughs, redundancies, lockdown legalities, remote workers and employee wellbeing. It’s not surprising therefore that our recent State of Skills study found that two thirds (68%) of HR professionals said that Covid has accelerated the need to learn new skills.

To help you get ahead, we’ve crunched the data in our State of Skills report to uncover the top 10 most in-demand skills for HR professionals this year.

1. Advanced IT and programming

We’re not suggesting you jack in your jobs and become coders. But with Covid accelerating digital transformation this skill is necessary. As more companies focus on developing technology, it’s important HR professionals also have a basic understanding of areas such as programming languages.

2. Leadership and managing others

You’ve probably read this and thought “but this is my job”. True. But like everything else in the world, Covid has impacted how we lead and manage people. As we still get to grips with our new ways of living and working, these skills need to evolve too. More importantly, as companies shift towards a new post-pandemic future these skills must be refined so that you’re all collectively working towards the same goals.

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