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17 March 2008:

Making the human resource function more strategic is a perennial goal in most organizations. "HR transformation" is commonly identified as a key means to make HR more strategic. The challenge, however, is defining what transformation really is and then determining how to successfully undertake it.

EquaTerra and Human Resource Executive® together conducted a market study in late 2007 to explore the HR transformation topic. The study, based on an earlier one conducted by both organizations in 2005, assessed the realities of HR transformation, how organizations were pursuing it and the role that alternative service-delivery models, such as shared services and outsourcing, played in enabling it. It surveyed approximately 450 HR leaders based primarily in North America, 29 percent of whom were vice presidents of HR and 53 percent who were HR directors or managers.

The latest study, similar to the earlier one, found that while the majority of respondents felt their organizations viewed HR as a strategic asset, there was still a strong desire to further transform the function to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Many barriers were identified, however, including how to define, fund and gain executive support for transformation efforts. There were also differences of opinion as to how much transformation was about truly improving strategic capabilities versus just cutting costs.


Source: Human Resource Executive

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