Start Next Year with These 4 Leadership Resolutions  

28 December 2018:

Engage your direct reports next year by making one or more of these resolutions a leadership priority.

Getting the most out of your talent, day in and day out, isn’t easy. It requires time, commitment, and a plan. Developing and inspiring others is one of the Top 6 leadership challenges faced by middle- and executive-level managers around the world.

If you’re ready to see a change in your people next year, start by making one or more of these leadership resolutions for yourself:


1. “I Will Take Responsibility for Developing My Employees.”
I will not ignore this part of my job as a leader. I won’t put it off until I have time, or leave it to HR. I will make sure the right people are doing the right work and having the right experiences so they’re successful now and in the future. I will support employees in their efforts to learn and grow. I will also hold employees accountable for their development.

Your employees need to own their learning and their career path. But your ability to cultivate talent can have a great impact on them — and on your own reputation and effectiveness as a leader. Here is a checklist of things smart managers do.

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Source: Center for Creative Leadership

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