The Rise of the Happiness Officer  

22 March 2021:

2020 was a decisive year for workplaces when protocols and procedures were put in to place to ensure social distancing, sanitisation and touch-less environments for employees. It was also the year when the global workforce was told to work from home.

Initially there was a sigh of relief from employees who were no longer having to deal with lengthy and costly commutes. Video-conferencing and online collaboration were the new modus operandi and a long summer made working from home a very welcome new norm.

Now, a full 12-months on, there’s a palpable cry for a structured workplace, where the workday is clearly delineated and social interaction isn’t driven by a diary invite but by a chance meeting in the corridor, sharing lunch with a colleague or a collective brainstorm around a table.

For some it’s been a wilderness year where they may have joined an organisation yet never physically met anyone. Graduates in their formative years of training have had to learn company culture from afar, their mentorship and their interaction with their peer group online, often devoid of emotion.

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Source: The HR Director

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