Quarter of HR don't want payroll responsibility  

23 June 2008:

New research has found that a quarter of finance professionals in charge of payroll would actually rather it was part of HR, yet almost the same number of their HR counterparts say they would rather it was part of finance.

ADP Employer Services, the payroll service provider, surveyed over 750 HR and finance professionals in charge of payroll and found that despite what many may think, payroll is actually more likely to sit under finance (49%) than HR (40%) with this number rising amongst smaller organisations (69% to 31%).

Don McGuire, managing director at ADP, said: "Payroll is important to both HR and finance, with both sides requiring the data and information that it provides. But there seems to be a lot of disagreement over who should take overall responsibility and a lack of best practice as to how the two departments should work together. The fact that so many HR and finance professionals feel that it shouldn’t sit in their department highlights that neither see it as part of their core job role."

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Source: HR Zone

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