Leveraging Automation And AI Across The Employee Lifecycle  

5 October 2020:

Leveraging Automation And AI Across The Employee Lifecycle

Today’s remote and anxious employee base, strategic workforce planning needs to become personal. This means understanding the current skills of every employee, knowing what the corporation and individual want or need to progress, and personalizing their career path. By embracing AI and Automation, managers and HR can enable this level of personalization and truly bring a meaningful employee experience to life.

Advancements in AI are spawning what Sofie Narinx, Cognitive Process Transformation Leader Benelux IBM, calls “intelligent automation”. Intelligent automation, she explains, “combines recent advances in AI and other technologies to manage and improve business processes. Intelligent automation is already transforming the way humans benefit from technology, and helping organizations create new personalized products and services. We see businesses leveraging automation all the time to improve effectiveness and the efficiency of operations and the end-user experience.”


Insights from the C-suite executives we talk to indicate an upswell in recognition of intelligent automation and the benefits it brings to their industries and organizations. Almost 60 percent of executives from our IBM Institute for Business Value Survey says advances in intelligent automation will expand organization capabilities, and 59 percent anticipate industry productivity improvements. Just under half (45 percent) expect their industry to benefit from increased insights from data, while 43 percent predict improved worker productivity. 


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