Leading with compassion: How to marry empathy to economics  

19 February 2021:

Back in the archaic, nine-to-five, office-bound world of the 90’s, managers weren’t expected to be anything but efficient. Great leaders were thought so because of their profitmaking ability, their cut-throat dealings, and their overtime sheet – but never their ability to empathise.

Empathy, as a leadership skill, is a relatively new phenomenon. As a human characteristic, compassion is as innate as any other emotion – however, it’s rarely seen as a key component in business. COVID-19 changed all of that. The chaos of the past few months has left employees and managers feeling tired, jaded, and completely burned out. So, a little bit of understanding can go a long way.

HRD spoke to Daniel Imbeault, talent strategy partner at Mercer, who revealed why marrying empathy to economics has been the key to surviving this pandemic.

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Source: Human Resources Director



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