HR Managers are Fielding More Complaints During COVID  

12 April 2021:

HR managers have their hands full dealing with complaints and work issues among staff as employees work remotely.

Since the start of the pandemic, 48% of employees have reported a work issue to their HR department, according to a report by payroll services company Paychex. Forty-four percent of employees have received disciplinary action due to their behavior while working remotely.

COVID has been emotionally challenging for employers and employees: 84% say they have dealt with emotions related to stress — including anxiety, sadness and anger — according to a February survey by the American Psychological Association. Employees may be expressing these feelings in the workplace, resulting in HR complaints.

“As workplaces went online, management didn’t have a good way of making sure that people were nice to each other,” says May Habib, CEO of Writer, a text software platform. “In a physical workplace, you overhear things and may have to take someone aside and say, ‘That’s not our tone here.’ That’s much harder when everyone is online.”

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Source: Benefit News

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