HR Digital Transformation: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules  

1 April 2021:

What does an office look like? Movies and TV are a good place to start. From the typing pools of The Apartment, to the corner offices of Mad Men and the glass walled meeting rooms of Call My Agent, the office has evolved in step with the working culture of the day.

From 1960s New York to 2015 Paris, all these spaces had one thing in common. They were the stage on which our professional lives unfurled and where we gathered to collaborate on projects and celebrate their success. Even with the rise of remote working, the office was a second home, our colleagues a second family.

COVID-19, of course, has torn up the script. Nobody really knows what the workplace looks like anymore.

But it is a powerful reminder of how HR teams are now center stage, preparing for the physical and psychological realities of office life once lockdowns ease and people return to meeting rooms, corridors, kitchens and other shared spaces.

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Source: the HR Director

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