How Your Organization Can Help You Recover from Overwork  

4 December 2017:

This is the season when many companies are focused on planning to improve profitability and productivity in the coming year. Traditional approaches to that often focus on more — more hours, more projects, more email, and more output.

But for many organizations, this “more” focus may be misplaced. After a certain point, additional hours at work don’t necessarily translate into additional hours of productivity. Excess busyness can produce more errors, lead to declines in employee health, and lead people to emphasize reactivity over proactivity.

In fact, companies might be better served by giving their people opportunities to recover from periods of intense work, so their minds can clear and they can recognize what’s most important.

 Leadership Muscles Need Recovery
With physical fitness, rest is required after exercise for muscles to recover and grow stronger. Leadership muscles are similar, and require opportunities to recover, too.

Companies can help employees step back and pause. In the process, they can help increase workforce resiliency, boost energy and passion about work, and reduce costs associated with stress, illness, and employee turnover.

There will always be times when your company needs to pick up the pace of work and ask everyone to sprint. But these high activity times need to be balanced with periods of recovery. The key for any organization that wants to be sustainable and competitive over the long term is balance.

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Source: Center for Creative Leadership

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