How to build a resilient organization and position leaders, employees to thrive  

26 March 2021:

The pandemic has turned the professional world upside down, demanding that employees adapt on the fly. Retooling operations forced a mandatory reskilling, and a generation of leaders emerged who mastered new competencies, including communicating and collaborating from afar.

According to a recent survey of 800 HR leaders conducted by Gartner, 33% of the average job post's skills in 2017 won't be relevant in 2021. Success has required more than just weathering the pandemic; employees needed to become self-reliant to keep pace. They've been operating in survival mode, making decisions and defining priorities on a new scale. Employees had limited access to the training, conferences and seminars that traditionally furthered their development. Many have upskilled themselves to meet workplace demands and to remain competitive.

Eventually, employees will be vaccinated. They will return to their offices. But they will be different. Their skills will be different. Fledgling leaders, who flourished in a remote context, will need to be identified and developed.

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Source: HR Dive

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