How The Pandemic Has Sped Up HR Transformation  

5 October 2020:

The global pandemic has ushered in massive workplace change. But it’s easy to forget that this change was already underway. Last year, the KPMG ‘future of HR 2019’ survey found that 70% of HR executives recognized the need for workforce transformation, yet only 40% of HR leaders had a digital work plan in place. The scramble to plan and transform this year was therefore sudden, but not unexpected.

We already knew what needed to happen – we just didn’t realize how quickly. Now we all do.

For many companies in crisis mode, lockdown meant shutting down offices and workplaces, rapidly identifying essential workers, and implementing remote work policies with the associated tools and technologies. But empowering a healthy remote workforce goes beyond providing network-access tools and group-meeting software. Equipping employees to work productively outside a traditional office is also a cultural challenge – and in some cases a semi-permanent one.


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