How Shifting Your Mindset Can Ignite Transformation  

7 November 2018:

In our most recent Creative Confidence Series chat, Keith Yamashita, SYPartners Chairman and Founder and instructor for our newest class From Superpowers to Great Teams, sat down with IDEO U Managing Director Coe Leta Stafford to discuss creative leadership and how great teams are built on a foundation of diversity, collaboration, trust, and self-awareness.

Keith Yamashita was having a stroke. The realization dawned on him as he sat on a conference call with a client, struggling to talk and spilling water as he tried to sip from a glass.

After three months of intensive recovery, Keith is doing well, but the experience of losing physical control of his body and the ability to communicate further clarified for him the reality of our ever-changing nature. “We are never static as people,” he says. “Our bodies are biologically shifting every moment.”

This acceptance and embrace of change is a core tenet of Keith’s approach to creative leadership. A growth mindset is critical to successful leadership, and the connections we form with other human beings are the foundation of our work life. Through his work at SYPartners—a transformation company that helps human beings, organizations, and societies become fuller, more vibrant versions of themselves—Keith helps leaders build their bravery and summon their creativity to design great futures and build the capability to constantly transform.

“Each of us comes into the world curious, open, wanting to bond and wanting to have great connections with other people,” he says. “Our training, societal norms, school, and early jobs beat all of that out of us.”

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