Have you got talent? A survey on talent management strategies for the future  

29 May 2008:

From 2010, the number of young people reaching working age in Europe is expected to fall by 60,000 each year, creating a net shortfall of 2.1 million employees. So, what should you be doing to prepare your business for the future?

Deloitte recently surveyed some of the world’s leading organisations to see how they were approaching talent management and how they were preparing for the talent crisis ahead. The new report, Have you got talent? Leading the boardroom agenda, reveals:

  • Seven key factors to consider when thinking about your talent management strategy
  • How organisations are currently approaching talent management
  • Where organisations are missing crucial opportunities

Deloitte believes that you need to approach your talent management strategy through innovation, collaboration and engagement, or risk missing out on an opportunity to drive your business forward through your people.

Source: Deloitte

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