From one-way criticism to two-way conversations  

2 January 2018:

Many companies still have a traditional approach to the appraisal process, and for many managers it is perceived as a box-ticking exercise for the HR department. Paper forms make the process arduous and time consuming and the review itself is retrospective bringing its own challenges – past accomplishments are diminished over time and fresher, more recent events take priority.

The entire process can be seen as destructive; its backwards-facing nature makes it challenging for managers to have positive conversations with employees struggling with performance. Managers don’t have the feedback to understand why an employee struggled with a particular objective and what support and coaching is needed.

An annual appraisal has the potential to be detrimental to a manager’s working relationship and may be demotivating to the employee. It’s easy for a busy manager to pass over employee successes and forget to give praise when due.

To further compound the issue, the entire appraisal looks backwards, compressing a years’ worth of performance into hours rather than looking forward to the year ahead.

A new performance management model

Leading companies such as Google, Deloitte and Microsoft, realised that the traditional annual review process wasn’t working. They sought out a new way to improve performance and were early adopters of a continuous performance management approach.

Continuous performance management is based on a model of shorter term objectives, check-ins and regular feedback driving meaningful conversations between employees and managers. With this new model in place these business leaders have driven a huge cultural change and significantly improved performance.

They have inspired other companies to replicate their success, and as such, the continuous performance management model is gaining increasing momentum and is being adopted in all sizes of business.

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Source: Training Journal

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