Five Things To Know About Employee Engagement in 2021  

1 February 2021:

Employee engagement refers to the commitment and connection employees have to their organization and is critical for business unit performance.

The global shift to remote work following COVID-19 has presented several key challenges for business leaders, many of which stem from communication obstacles and the of disruption of daily social activities. Employee engagement will be a top priority for 2021 as many companies continue to operate remotely for the foreseeable future. Scott Gregory, CEO at Hogan Assessments, has outlined the five things leaders need to know about improving employee engagement this year.

1. Leadership shapes engagement

For some employees, working remotely can be lonely and isolating, especially for more dependant team members like new hires and junior executives. Ensuring that staff are supported and set up for success while working remotely is key to maintaining employee engagement in 2021.

Employee engagement is predominantly shaped by leadership effectiveness, with effective leaders defined as those who can successfully lead a high-performing and engaged team. To boost engagement, companies need to focus on how their managers behave, and that is true whether in “normal” times or in our current circumstance. While effective leaders will devote their time to supporting their team and forming relationships of trust with employees, ineffective – or emergent – leaders will waste their time building political capital and promoting their own accomplishments.

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