Five Big Things to Help You Grow Inclusive Leaders in 2021  

15 February 2021:

Flashback to Elvis Presley’s 1968 hit, “A Little Less Conversation,” which made the case for less talk and more action. It was popular then, and while the implication is entirely different, it is needed now as organizations work to move beyond good intentions and strong words to build cultures of inclusion and diversity. It’s time for action. And your leaders—not just in the C-suite, but your people leaders as well—must be part of this movement if there is to be meaningful change.

Here are five ways to help your leaders build their inclusion skills and become active participants in your diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives.

1. Help Leaders Discover Their Personal Connection to D&I

Science shows us that emotions are more powerful than logic or reason when it comes to motivating people to act. Tapping into leaders’ personal reflections about what exclusion feels like and the long-lasting impact it can have is a strong place to start in building inclusive leaders.

Challenge: Hold a discussion session focused on exclusion with leaders. Encourage personal stories in which leaders have seen or felt that someone was treated unfairly based on deliberate or unconscious biases. Discuss the ripple effects of those moments and ask questions that help your leaders flex their empathy and allyship muscles.

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Source: Association for Talent Development

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