Engagement: the key driver of organizational performance  

4 July 2016:

Employee engagement is all about tapping into the human side of business. After all, is there any other kind of business? It’s people who make great companies, not the other way around. Great management, great performance, and great results, all come from highly motivated – highly engaged – happy people.

These are worrying times for employee engagement. The latest academic literature makes for depressing reading. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace study finds that only 13% of employees are engaged at work1. The Quantum Workplace 2015 employee engagement trends report also finds 31.4% of workers are either just ‘contributing’ (24.3%) or ‘disengaged’ (7.1%), as a result of uncertain feelings toward their workplace2.

Across Europe, ADP’s latest research finds stress levels so high that they threaten employees’ wellbeing, with more than two fifths (44%) regularly experiencing stress at work3. PwCs report on corporate responsibility and employee engagement also finds that 10-15% of the global workforce are actively ‘disconnected’, exhibiting “low levels of engagement and a high likelihood to exit the organization: what’s more, only two in five employees intend to work for their current employer for at least another year4.

As economies finally recover from the Great Recession, those talented employees and professionals who buckled down and bided their time are now ready to move. And the global recruitment market they are entering, aided by technological advancements, looks far different to pre-2008. “The global talent pool now has bigger demands and higher expectations”, concludes  PwC. “So attracting, aligning, retaining and developing this new global workforce is a matter of both becoming a brand of choice for potential employees and keeping your existing employees engaged”5.

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