Employee misconduct: Five steps to reduce risk  

11 February 2021:

COVID-19 has posed many challenges for HR, among them the heightened risk of employee misconduct.

With increased financial strain and less visibility while working from home, employees are more likely to break the rules.

Like the period following the GFC, the pandemic has opened the door for fraud and serious misconduct.

A KPMG survey of ASX200 companies in April last year found employees and suppliers were regarded as the most likely sources of fraud.

More than three quarters of businesses (83%) said they were vulnerable to fraud because of COVID-19 working conditions.

“Financial pressure is hitting home with people and it increases the risk of them looking for opportunities to commit fraud,” he said.

“I think it's really key for HR leaders and employers to re-engage with their employees, make sure they're feeling connected to the business and then start training them on those fraud risks so they can speak up when they see them.”

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Source: Human Resources Director

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