Digital Disruption: Leadership in times of change - Paris Executive Summary  

14 August 2018:

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We’re living in a world where old business models no longer seem fit for purpose. For organisations to prosper, respond quickly to customer demand and innovate, they need to be in a process of almost continuous transformation.

The key to this happening is undoubtedly embracing digital. It’s the digitalisation of processes and employee experiences that ensures innovation and transformation thrives. Yet while technology is a given, what is arguably much more important is true leadership transformation.

In a digitally disruptive environment, the role of leaders is ever more magnified. It’s for them to take ownership of new ways of working, and encourage followership amongst staff. The recent Digital Transformation Readiness Survey, conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and CorporateLeaders, reveals how the top four challenges towards implementing digital disruption (insufficient internal skills – 55%; lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey – 46%; integrating technology – 36%; and resistance to change – 34%), are all leadership responsibilities.

While technology is a given, what is arguably much more important is true leadership transformation.

The extent to which organisations’ doubt their leadership capability is also clear. When asked if their leaders already act as role-models for ensuring that digital transformation works, nearly one-third (29%) could not decide either way.

That’s why CCL believes organisations need to go on a leadership transformation journey as well as a digital one. As Jasmine De Clerck, General Manager Benelux, France and Denmark, at CCL says: “Transformation is really about creating psychological safety. What is often observed in organisations is fear and inadequacy from leaders about just what digital disruption is. For many leaders it’s a new business model that threatens them.” The solution, she says – and which CCL has built its own methodology around – “is to lower organisations’ learning anxiety and when this happens transformation can really happen.”

Just one way of reducing learning anxiety is by networking and hearing direct from executives doing digital disruption for themselves. It’s why CCL, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, hosted a series of special roundtable meetings across Europe. The Paris event, which was moderated by Jasmine De Clerck and featured presentations by Patrick Plein, Director Digital Working and Academy at VINCI, and Joseph Press, Global Innovator and Strategic Advisor at CCL, brought together leaders from some of Europe’s largest companies to share experiences and explore the key challenges we face today.

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