Digital Disruption: Leadership in times of change - Munich Executive Summary  

9 August 2018:

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Business is changing. Old models of working are crashing down. Tried and tested ways are being challenged – and at the heart of it all is digital transformation.

The journey towards digital is no passing fad – it’s now become an essential rite of passage. It’s the only way organisations will stay relevant to their customers, respond quicker to change, and innovate their products and services to protect their long-term futures.

And yet while the technology needed to achieve this is an important constituent, what is sometimes forgotten is an element arguably much more significant – the human aspect; one that involves real leadership transformation. For digital transformation to truly happen, individual leaders must confront their fears and personally transform. They must be champions of change, create followership around it, and live the values digital entails. In short: in a digitally disruptive environment, the role of leaders is ever more magnified.

The recent Digital Transformation Readiness Survey, conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and CorporateLeaders, reveals it’s precisely this important human aspect that remains the main barrier to change.

For despite there being an urgent need for change to be managed and understood by all tiers in organisations, the survey finds it’s a ‘lack of a clear vision’ (a key leader responsibility) that is the second-most cited challenge blocking digital transformation journeys (46%), with ‘resistance to change’ also high (34%). Top of list is ‘insufficient internal skills’ (55%) – the responsibility for which also lands on leaders’ plates.

In a digitally disruptive environment, the role of leaders is ever more magnified.

It’s precisely because the digitisation of companies doesn’t just involve technology – but rather the digital disruption of leaders too – that CCL, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, hosted a series of special roundtable meetings across Europe. The Munich event which was moderated by Lynn Collins, CCL’s General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and featured presentations by Martin Wilckens, Senior Manager HR Digital & Innovation at Deutsche Telecom AG and Joseph Press, Global Innovator & Strategic Advisor at CCL, brought together senior leaders from some of Europe’s largest companies to share experiences and explore the key challenges we face today.

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