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13 March 2018:

Time for Change

The old management models - and the old companies - are coming crashing down. Traditional modes of operation that worked for decades, and built small companies into global giants, are no longer fit for purpose. Only those that truly transform their digital processes from the ground up will survive. Consider Nokia - once one of the world's leading providers of hardware, leading the mobile phone market. Following the disruption of their industry (led by Apple), they sold their mobile devices division and transformed into one of the world's biggest wireless network providers.

Digital transformation is not about riding out a storm and hoping it will pass. It is about embracing change - and accelerating it. New digital services from automation to the Internet of Things, cloud services to outsourced applications, provide opportunities for efficiency and growth. By understanding the connections between technology and people, small ideas can grow big in a very short space of time.

This isn't easy, and it doesn't happen overnight. But it is essential to both future leadership capabilities and organisational health to get started. To find out how organisations are going about this, identify the barriers in the way, and highlight the most successful strategies, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and CorporateLeaders surveyed 100 European VPs and Directors in HR, L&D, Leadership Development and Talent Management to better understand how organisations are preparing for digital transformation from a strategy and leadership perspective.

The survey sheds light on:

  • Internal Skills and Vision are Challenging Digital Transformation
  • Digital Vision and Strategy Led from the Top
  • Innovating Through Digitalisation
  • Disconnect in Digital Readiness
  • Digital is Lacking in Leadership
  • Piloting Digital Transformation

To find out more, download your exclusive copy of the report HERE.

Source: CCL & CorporateLeaders


Digital Disruption "Leadership in times of change" Executive Roundtable Meeting Series

CorporateLeaders together with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) are hosting the Digital Disruption Leadership Roundtable Meeting "Leadership in Times of Change" in Amsterdam (18th April), Munich (19th April), and Paris (3rd May). Through insightful presentations and roundtable discussions we will cover what is needed to lead in a digital world and how to get organisations to embrace change and create a competitive digital corporate culture that unleashes the potential of its employees and the organisation as a whole. These are invitation-only events but if you are interested in attending, please call us on +32 478 22 37 11 or send us an email on

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