Creative and Innovative Appreciation Ideas for 2021  

15 March 2021:

According to 2020 statistics from smallbiztrends, a full third of employees say they are minimally committed to their jobs. Several factors can explain this decline in productivity, including the global Covid-19 crisis.

However, 2021 brings new opportunities to rekindle employee engagement and get businesses back on track. Appreciation is a powerful tool in this regard, as it can reward employees for their hard work and motivate others to do the same.

But traditional recognition means won’t work — they are dated, old fashioned, and too predictable. Instead, try out these 15 innovative ideas for recognizing hard workers in your organization.

Create a culture of recognition

An organization’s culture influences everything from productivity and results in how early employees resume work. But more importantly, culture sets a baseline for everything that employees do. Appreciation comes more naturally in a culture that’s inclined towards it. One way to build a recognition culture is to appreciate workers as often as possible.

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