A Revolution at the Organisation’s Core: Millennials  

4 June 2019:

How do organisations strategise to create a sound and functional workforce? In this article, the authors present how various companies and businesses restructured the workplace and devise new methods and work culture to keep up with the demands of the new generations.

While millennials account for 34% of the workforce in the United States (see Figure 1) – and that percentage is on the rise – current workplace structures are tailored to previous generations, which leads to generational conflict and the loss of motivation among millennials. This article is focused on examining that dispute, as well as how such structures can be adapted to make them compatible with the preferences of new generations.

Some authors argue that the ability to compete in new markets begins with the strategies and priorities that are responsible for the very nature of innovation capabilities. It is not on the market where an organisation starts to become competitive, by offering different products and services to end consumers, but during recruitment of the talent that will design and develop such products and services to be placed on the market. Thus, the innovation process within organisations should start from the human resource (HR) department, with new talent-recruitment policies adapted to a generation with different traits and wishes. Employers need to transition “from a ‘boomer-centric’ workplace to a ‘millennial-centric’ workplace”.

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Source: European Business Review

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