8 ways AI is transforming talent management in 2021  

29 March 2021:

The pandemic has transformed how people work, forcing human resources leaders to bet on AI and other new technologies and processes that support a more adaptive, flexible, and fluid workforce.

There have been “seismic shifts” in the way organizations operate, according to Sage’s recent survey of 500 senior HR and people leaders. A third of the HR leaders said they are changing how they hire by building better candidate experiences for applicants, on-boarders, and new joiners and focusing on workforce experiences. While 24% of companies are currently using AI for recruitment, that number is expected to grow, with 56% reporting they plan to adopt AI in the next year. Sage’s findings suggest a steady growth over the years, while Gartner’s Artificial Intelligence Survey from March 2020 found that 17% of organizations used AI-based talent management systems in 2019. The pandemic has likely accelerated the pace of change for many of these organizations.

Where AI is adding value to talent management

Evaluating job candidates on potential. Organizations are streamlining recruiting by using AI to match employees’ capabilities and potential with the skills required for a new position. Talent intelligence platforms typically rely on augmented and autonomous AI levels to personalize the candidate experience and guide the job seeker to the role that best matches their capabilities. Most talent intelligence platforms anonymize applicants’ data in an attempt to remove biases from recruiting, evaluating candidates only on skills and capabilities. But improvements in training algorithms can give organizations some insight into the biases in their data and how to correct them.

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Source: Venture Beat

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