5 Challenges Facing CHROs at Midsize Companies Today  

2 March 2021:

The CHRO’s agenda has never been more daunting than it is in 2021. In addition to their normal workload, CHROs have been dealt a full hand of challenges that have a direct impact on a company’s ability to recover and grow.

The agenda is particularly difficult for CHROs of midsize and emerging enterprises, which typically must meet big-company tests with small-company resources. For example, an organization with 300 full-time employees usually has just three or four full-time HR people — enough to cope with business as usual, but not with extraordinary challenges.

And 2021’s challenges could not be more extraordinary, as our research and experience show. Late last year, we conducted two projects — a survey and a best practices study — with AchieveNEXT’s CHRO Alliance, a peer-to-peer network of 2,000 CHROs from U.S. middle-market companies. One of us (Robyn) oversees that network; the other (Dina) is a member, serves on its Global Advisory Board and heads up human resources for the Faulkner Automotive Group, an 89-year-old, family-owned-and-operated company that employs nearly 1,600 people at 28 automobile dealerships and 10 collision centers in Pennsylvania.

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Source: Harvard Business Review

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