3 strategies for engaging teams in a meaningful, efficient way–long term  

26 April 2021:

We are a few months into 2021, the one-year mark since COVID-19 changed the world has passed, and many feel their workloads have increased and stress levels have multiplied. HR professionals are up to their ears in handbooks, compliance and remote work challenges.

But it is never too late to get a fresh start. HR professionals should not pretend things are the same, but instead, make 2021 a game-changing year to make significant positive change for their organizations. Now is the time to listen and to take a look at what employees really need (spoiler alert: it is not a revised handbook).

As remote and hybrid work arrangements become less a pandemic response and increasingly a more permanent situation, leaders are asking how to engage teams in a meaningful and efficient way–long term. Teams are not necessarily struggling with productivity (studies demonstrate that employees are just as productive at home as they are in the office), but rather employees and leaders alike are struggling with camaraderie, connectedness and alignment.

Time and time again studies demonstrate strong teams lead to better work. One of the possible negative results of remote work is circuiting both the organic and intentional ways in which employees bond at work. While organizations can often get away with allowing employees to develop professional relationships on their own, remote work arrangements may require major interventions.

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Source: Human Resources Executive

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