International HR Challenges and Solutions

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CorporateLeaders and ADP hosted the International HR Challenges and Solutions webcast. This webcast provided real life examples from HR executives and key findings from a unique survey among 2,642 HR professionals from 8 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK), China and Australia.


During this complimentary 60 minute webcast, key findings from the report “HR Challenges and Solutions: Winning the war for talent through automation and outsourcing” will be covered. In addition, real-life examples from:

  • Chris Altmikus, Managing Partner, iDeA-Link
  • Bridget Penney, Senior Director Human Resources, ADP
  • Georg Schlotter, Human Resources Manager, BP Austria

The report has unique insights into the people management problems and comparative data on the countries included.

Why You Should View

This webcast provides executives with thought provoking insights and advise on the challenges and solutions HR is currently facing on an international scale.

Topic Highlights:

  • Key survey findings and views
  • Top HR challenges at BP including finding the right talent and positioning HR as a strategic partner
  • Insights from iDeA-Link on international talent retention and career improvement
  • Social media issues and uses in HR and managing multiple generations
Who Should View

  • CEO, CFO, COO and CIOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Divisional Heads
  • Transformation Directors
  • VP and Directors, Human Resources, Talent, Recruitment, Learning
  • VP and Directors, Organizational Development
  • VP and Directors, Procurement and Sourcing



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