What Elite CFOs Are Doing  

16 March 2021:

The CFO’s role has been evolving for years, becoming more and more central to the strategic direction of the enterprise.

According to new research, this transformation is being accelerated by the global pandemic. CFOs have increasingly moved beyond their traditional role as economic guardians of the enterprise to become architects of business value and catalysts of digital strategies. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of the CFOs surveyed said they had the final say on the enterprise’s appropriate technology direction.

And it’s not only the pandemic that’s altering the role and responsibilities of CFOs. External change is accelerating in numerous ways: consumer expectations, industry disintermediation, data explosion, and the general pace of business, to name just a few.

These trends outpace the traditional budgetary cycle and demand that CFOs act equally fast to protect the business and create breakout value and success that can be realized across the enterprise. The task may sound difficult, but a small group of elite CFOs is blazing a trail for others to follow.

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