Learning To Love Data  

23 December 2020:

Data, coupled with advanced analytics, AI and machine learning, can inform superior financial decision-making — but only if CFOs learn to trust, and even love, their data. To do so, executive teams must create a culture of data believers, built from the ground up.

At an astounding pace, our world is being remade by data and the algorithms that let organizations automate workflows, personalize interactions, discover new possibilities, learn, and apply knowledge. Gartner’s CFOs survey in October 2020 found that 82% identified “advanced data analytics technologies and tools” as their top digital priority for 2021.1 However, almost as many (78%) expected it to be difficult to achieve.

Most CFOs, it seems, recognise the importance of data and analytics, but lack faith in their organisations – or themselves – in utilising them properly.

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