Hands-on versus Hands-off....  

18 June 2008:

Now that outsourcing and off-shoring is an established strategy to realise cost efficiencies in functions such as Finance, many organisations are encountering the need to move from directly managing an internally-resourced function to managing an external service provider.

This article discusses the consequences of this move. It argues that it is very important to understand those consequences and discusses the issues in balancing the focus on:

  • A hands-on approach in which the organisation regards the outsourcer as just an extension of its own organisation and gets very involved in how it is delivered, versus
  • A hand-off approach in which the organisation monitors the delivery of the service with little regard to how it is delivered.

Throughout this discussion, it is assumed that the BPO provider is contracted to provide a service for an agreed cost, as is normally the case. It would of course be possible for the BPO provider to provide just a skilled and equipped resource team and for the client to remain responsible for managing this team to provide the required service; but this is not usually done.

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Source: Alsbridge

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