Back to normal: Ethereum as a stable investment  

25 August 2018:

Ethereum became famous as an asset when it proved itself as one of the best investment opportunities the world has ever seen. In 2015, Ethereum conducted one of the first big ICOs. The founders described a new decentralized application platform in a whitepaper and offered early investors to buy Ethereum tokens for around 35-40 cents. Those tokens soared to become worth hundreds of dollars today and deliver investors returns of well over 100,000%.

But, what about those of us that missed out on this early breakthrough? Ethereum is unlikely to see another rise of the same proportions again any time soon. Instead, Ethereum is taking on a new role in the cryptocurrency market. As the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, it offers investors a much safer bet than ICOs. Here are some reasons you might want to consider Ethereum as a more stable investment in your portfolio.

1. Ethereum is an established network

Stability has been hard to come by in crypto. The industry is still young, and the amount of money involved is still relatively small. Only a couple of dozen cryptocurrencies have a market cap measured in billions. The value of most crypto tokens can be easily and heavily influenced by something as simple as a news headline.

Ethereum is on a different scale to most cryptocurrencies. The daily trading volume of Ethereum is measured in billions. Along with Bitcoin, it is one of the heavyweights of the cryptocurrency industry.

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