5 Key Trends for Accounting & Finance in 2021  

9 April 2021:

Today business tycoons are responsible for more than finance. Surveys have suggested that the duties assigned to CFOs are peaking. Increasingly more duties are now including overseeing their business’s digital activities and issue resolutions outside of finance.

Having the know-how of the latest business tech and staying close to future tech trends is imperative for today’s CFO, and current accounting and finance trends for 2021 should be on everyone’s radar.

Keep reading to discover emerging trends and the opportunities that accompany 2021.

Automated Accounting Processes – Are No Longer Debated

Automated business processes in finance and accounting represent a considerable opportunity for business tycoons. Why? Because now CFOs are able to excel at their traditional role – optimizing operations and reducing expenses – while cultivating their experience with automation to become dominant to digital business process improvement initiatives throughout their organizations.

In 2021 we should expect daunting, repetitive, and decision-making tasks to be more simplified, optimized, and accelerated with smart automation software.

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Source: ABC Money

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