5 Things Finance Leaders Need to Know About HCM Cloud Integration  

18 May 2018:

If your organization has moved some HCM operations into the cloud or is thinking about doing HCM cloud integration, you're in good company. PwC reports that 73 percent of businesses have at least one HR process in the cloud. HR leaders at your organization like such cloud-based solutions because they tend to engage employees more and free up time previously spent bogged down in paperwork and repetitive tasks.

Anecdotal evidence of successful HCM cloud integration, combined with an overall cloud migration at the corporate level, is prompting many organizations to migrate more and more of their human capital operations into the cloud. Before you take the plunge, though, here are five things to consider.

1. Lack of Corporate Buy-In Can Boost Costs

Lack of sign-off from other stakeholders can cripple a cloud migration plan. "The biggest financial risk we encountered was additional costs charged because our project went much longer than it was supposed to due to the lack of buy-in globally," says Anne Dyer, Senior Payroll Manager at International Automotive Components. "Some locations really fought the process, and this added to the length of the project."

2. Cloud Integration Could Take Longer Than You Expect and Things May Go Wrong

In addition to communicating effectively, a project leader needs to be realistic about how long the project will take and the strong likelihood that things will go wrong. According to TechRepublic, 73 percent of cloud integration projects are taking a year or longer to complete. If there is a dedicated team completing the integration, things will go a lot quicker than if existing employees are expected to work on a big project and still perform their regular duties.

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