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Welcome & Introduction

Karsten Soderberg

Jesper Lillelund
Partner & Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

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Top Challenges for CFOs in a VUCA World

Bruno Colmant

Head of Macro Research, Bank Degroof Petercam

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Managing Finance Operations in an Ever-Changing Business Landscape

Frederic Salmon
Chief Financial Officer, BICS

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Roundtable Discussion: Finance Excellence in a VUCA World


Jesper Lillelund, Partner and Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

Discussion Leaders:

  • Bruno Colmant, Head of Macro Research at Bank Degroof Petercam
  • VK Raman, Global Head ValueBPSTM, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Frederic Salmon, Chief Financial Officer, BICS
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Robotic Process Automation: Possibilities for the Financial Services Industry

This article discusses the power of robotics in the business process services (BPS) sector, especially for financial firms. We propose a framework to segregate tasks into routine versus non-routine, and simple versus complex. This will allow an organization to identify the tasks that qualify for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


The New Frontier in BPS: Using Value-Thinking to Create Sustainable Business Value

By transforming to the role of an enabler, BPS teams can help businesses effectively capitalize on trends as well as mitigate associated risks. Thinking more deeply about ‘whom will the solution benefit and how’ can help BPS design solutions and services that go beyond cost arbitrage to create value, based on customer needs.

Has your organization unlocked BPS benefits and BPS advantages yet?


Workplace of the Future: A View from European Youth

Listening to young people first is something we should all do more of. This study is therefore to be applauded for taking the voice of Europe’s youth as its starting point. Digitisation is radically transforming our lives both at work and at home and we must take time to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the generations that will inherit this world.


Social Media is Serious Business: A view from European Youth

The insights from the report clearly conclude that Europe’s young entrepreneurs, students and professionals are extensively using social media to expand their professional opportunities – securing jobs, enhancing their skills and creating economic growth of their businesses.


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