Organisations seeking to adapt and grow in a disruptive world cannot force change through purely technical approaches such as restructuring and re-engineering. Making lasting change in mind set, behaviour and attitude is much tougher and more business critical. Culture is shaped, forged and transformed to support the company's business strategy. And when the business landscape and strategy changes, culture must change too.

Are you struggling to implement bold strategies and make the right decisions in a disruptive world? Are you cascading your cultural change to your top 200 executives? To make lasting change and to be successful it’s critical to transform your business culture and leadership skills in order to accelerate the capabilities that will enable you to drive sustainable results.

To address this, CorporateLeaders, in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, is hosting the ‘Cultural Transformation’ Executive Briefing. The meeting is keynoted by David Altman, Executive Vice President and Managing Director at the Center for Creative Leadership. The meeting also includes roundtable discussion leaders Elisabeth Rodriguez Martinez, Strategic Associates Network Director, and Hamish Madan, Vice President & Managing Director EMEA, at CCL®.


During this Executive Briefing series held across Europe and the Middle East, we will explore how to transform business cultures to achieve sustainable organisational results. We will look at experiences of multinationals companies who have undertaken successful cultural transformation journeys to meet the challenging requirements of the businesses and provide proven strategies and insights on how best to do this.

The agenda will cover the most significant outcomes of successful cultural change, including:

  • How to accelerate abilities to implement emerging, successive business strategies
  • How to increase speed and flexibility, allowing organisations to move faster in response to change and challenge
  • How to enhance new, stronger core organisational capabilities to achieve of bottom-line results
  • How to improve abilities to create shared direction, alignment, and commitment throughout the organisation
  • How to develop talent and culture while implementing the business strategy
  • How to transform leadership and organisational transformation

This Executive Briefing is an intimate peer-to-peer roundtable discussion meeting for an intimate group of senior corporate executives to share knowledge and best practices, debate key development practices, and network with peers and leadership experts. The presentations and discussion will be followed by cocktail reception and an exquisite meal for networking and to carry on the debate.

Watch the video from the last roundtable meeting in Munich, March 2016



Reasons to Attend

"Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from others' experiences but, I also met very interesting and inspiring people."
Isaac Sheps, CEO, Carlsberg UK

"Fantastic meeting with a lot of open sharing from companies in different industries and disciplines. I got a lot of good ideas as feedback on my own initiatives that we drive in the company and many good take-aways to drive innovation even further."
Peter Holmark, HR Director, Nokia
"Every CEO wants fast, capable responses to the challenge of change. Faster, better, cheaper is not achievable without collective leadership capability to continuously reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and reform operations. The imperative is to collaborate and transform."

"Developing leadership to the next level of maturity while implementing strategic imperatives is the glue of change."
McGuire & Rhodes, (2009)

 Get access to:

  • Thought provoking insights and advise from senior executives driving higher performance
  • Exclusive interactive roundtable discussion where critical business issues are discussed and solved
  • Intimate and unparalleled networking opportunity with like-minded executives
  • A confidential forum to share, exchange, and test new ideas
  • Unique opportunity to learn from a peer network
  • An overview of the latest state-of-the art business trends and academic research






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