Corporate Responsibility Conference

Corporate and Economic Stimulus: The Impact of Embedded Corporate Responsibility

23rd November 2010

The CR Leaders Conference, hosted and organized by CorporateLeaders, brings together Senior Corporate Responsibility, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations Executives, Solution Providers, Consultants, Advisors, Academics, Politicians, Media, and renowned industry experts to exchange exclusive insights on driving corporate and economic stimulus through strong and embedded corporate responsibility programs and strategies.

What you will get out of it
The theme for this event is “Corporate and Economic Stimulus: The Impact of Embedded Corporate Responsibility” focusing on the corporate strategic role, human resources and finance and covering:
  • Addressing the Gap: Assessing your CSR Capabilities to Deliver the Strategy
  • At the Top of the Agenda: Innovative Leadership Driving Sustainable Growth
  • Corporations’ Role in Driving Economic Stimulus
  • Driving Innovation and Opportunities through Corporate Responsibility
  • Engaging Employees in Corporate Responsibility – Make Each Employee Count
  • Integrating Corporate Responsibility into the Finance Function
  • Improving Sustainable Work
  • Linking Corporate Responsibility with Corporate Competitiveness
  • From Corporate Vision to Successful Implementation
  • Next Generation Leaders – Attract, Retain and Develop
  • Capturing Financial Value through Corporate Responsibility
  • Getting it Right – The Keys to Successful Corporate Responsibility
Why you should attend

The event focuses on stimulating corporate growth and economic development through embedded corporate responsibility programs and strategies from the corporate level to the human resources and finance levels. All three have a key role to play to help a company achieve its Corporate Responsibility and business objectives. High performing organizations foster a CR culture and fully integrate CR throughout their operations, rewarding and incentivizing CR decisions and initiatives.

Who should attend
Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Heads of:
  • Corporate Responsibility (CR & CSR)
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Services
  • Public Affairs & Relations
  • Corporate / Internal Communications
  • Business / Product Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Community Affairs
  • Consulting Firms
  • Advisory Firms
  • Solution Providers
  • Government
  • Regulators
  • NGOs


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