CRLeaders advocate that by implementing and maintaining the highest standards of Corporate Responsibility, not just at the Corporate level but within Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Production & Supply Chain businesses will gain outstanding sustainability and financial performance.

CRLeaders have dived Corporate Responsibility in to four driving areas: Ethics, Governance, Compliance and Environment. By embedding these in to your activities, management processes and culture your corporation will optimize financial performance and achieve the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

The network provides two core benefits:

  • CRLeaders provides networking, events, research, news, and insights on the evolution of Corporate Responsibility.
  • Access to industry knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices in Ethics, Governance, Compliance, Environment and sustainability.
  • Facilitates networking with other like minded professionals and leaders.

The CRLeaders Network is free to join, typical representatives include,Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Heads of Corporate Responsibility (CR & CSR), Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Strategy, Business Services, Public Affairs & Relations, Corporate / Internal Communications, Business / Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Community Affairs, Consulting Firms, Advisory Firms, Solution Providers, Government, Regulators, NGOs.

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