Cedric Mulier

Analytics Country Manager at IBM Belux

Cedric has worked the last 20 years at SAP & IBM where he has held different sales and management positions in Belgium and Spain. Since 2012, Cedric is leading the Analytic organization within IBM Belux supporting companies and organizations accelerating turning data into value.

Cedric is passionate about change, sustainability and contributing to any evolution.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Alan Watts.

Stefaan Claes

International CRM & Digital Marketing Director

Stefaan Claes started working in advertising as a media strategy expert and ended that period as the media director for McCann-Erickson Brussels, at that time the biggest advertising agency in Belgium. He had been on a number of very early digital projects during that period, but from 2000 on he focused completely on digital marketing and started working for General Motors as a CRM and digital marketing expert. The last 7 years of that period he was working in the Netherlands and was involved in a number of European and global digital projects for GM.

In 2010 Claes left the automotive industry and started working for Kinepolis as their international CRM and digital marketing director. He is leading a 50/50 mixed team of digital marketing specialists and IT experts. His team has the local marketing teams in Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands as their internal customers.

Geert Hallemeesch

Partner, Deloitte Belgium 
Geert is a Partner at Deloitte Belgium within Deloitte Analytics. As a trusted advisor in business intelligence and analytics, he advises various clients in private and public sectors. For 20 years, Geert was focused on helping organizations become Insight Driven Organizations. Geert joined Deloitte in 2012 after the successful integration of Numius, a company which he co-founded and was specialized in business intelligence.

Geert drives the relationship between Deloitte and IBM within EMEA focused on technology and is responsible for Deloitte’s Cloud Analytics platform. 

Discusion Leaders

Richard Klein

CFO, IBM Benelux


Jesper Lillelund

Partner and Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders 


Martin Van Der Meer

Cloud Computing Leader, IBM Benelux


Christian Visser

CIO, IBM Benelux



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