Client Targeting

How to pinpoint the best prospects to power your business growth

A CorporateLeaders Partner Consulting Service

Have you ever won a big customer only to find yourself wondering if they might not be good for your company?

Have you ever analysed how profitable your customers really are (not just by revenue - but by profit)?

Have you pinpointed the clients that will suit your business so well they will spend more with you, will cost you less to support and who will notice your strengths far more than your weaknesses? Once you have profiled those customers, have you then worked out how to win far more of them?

Bulls-eye target clients service

If you are running events and other marketing initiatives to generate more leads, you will want them to brig as much benefit as possible to your business. CorporateLeaders’ business growth partner, Strategenic Ltd., offers a service that does exactly that.

The "bulls-eye target clients service" has 3 steps:

  • Evaluation
    • o Data analysis to select the current customers that are best for your business - and any that are holding you back
    • Reviewing profitability (not just revenue) and other important elements
  • Profiling
    • Pinpointing the prospects that will make it easiest for your business to grow and improve profitability
  • Plan of action
    • How to attract far more of these ‘bulls-eye’ customers

Benefits of focusing on the bulls-eye prospects

  • These customers will spend more
  • They like your business more
  • They cost less to support
  • Staff morale will improve
  • Once you know who they are it is much easier to win more of them
  • The focus allows you to understand their needs better – and therefore to create new products/services they will want to buy
  • Until you focus you will never understand your customers well enough to add such compelling value that customers will flock to you like bees to a honey pot
  • When you become a honey pot they will recommend your business
  • Overall growth will seem easier – and cheaper!

Take the first step to multiplying leads:

  • Call Jane Bromley from Strategenic on +44 207 0604 007 or email her at to talk through your situation.
  • Or call Andre Rampat on +32 472 434 731 or email him at to hear why CorporateLeaders chose Strategenic as their preferred partner.

About Strategenic Ltd.

Strategenic is a management consultancy that is dedicated to:

  • Delivering outstanding results through excellent strategic planning for growth
  • Continually improving performance
  • Creating an environment that is so inspiring it brings out the very best in everyone

Strategenic have a track record of delivering excellent results for clients (click here for examples), across Europe and USA.


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