CIO Vision: Next Generation Security

CIO Roundtable Meeting

11th December 2014
Den Breckpot, Mechelen
16:00 - 21:00

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Welcome & Introduction

Karsten Soderberg

Jesper Lillelund
Partner & Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

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Can We Become Resilient to Cyber Attacks

Nick Coleman

Global Head Cyber Security Intelligence Services, IBM

  • Where are we now – understanding the threat landscape
  • Where is it evolving. What has been seen in the last year?
  • How can we get to cyber resilience (approach and capabilities)?

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Modernizing NATO’s Cyber Defences – Is the Alliance Going it Alone?

Ian West
Chief, Cyber Security, NATO Communications and Information Agency

  • The threats that NATO faces
  • The need for modernisation – destination or journey?
  • Collaboration with partners – political rhetoric or reality (or both)?

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Privacy Impact Assessment as a Driver for Ethical IT

Peter Berghmans
Trainer, Thomas More & Data Protection Institute and Data Protection Officer, GZA Ziekenhuizen

  • How can reliability be achieved when dealing with the new GDPR
  • What does the GDPR say about measuring the impact on your customers’ privacy
  • How to cope with the changing nature of moral and ethical values

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