CIO Vision: Next Generation Security

CIO Roundtable Meeting

11th December 2014
Den Breckpot, Mechelen
16:00 - 21:00


Research from IBM’s global monitoring operations found that the average company experienced more than 91 million security events in 2013. As the number of security events grows, so does the ability to analyze and manage them more efficiently. As cyber criminals are getting smarter they can hack systems and by-pass defenses blending into the background noise of an organization’s operations or exploit employees who inadvertently put the business at risk via human error. Security strategies and investments of the past will no longer protect against these new classes of attacks. IT must design new security strategies to limit the new risks and apply intelligence to protect the organization and its assets through new analytics, innovation, and a systematic approach to security.

CorporateLeaders in partnership with IBM are hosting the 2nd CIO Vision Roundtable Meeting of the year on the next generation of security. The meeting, keynoted by Nick Coleman, Global Head of Cyber Security Intelligence at IBM, Ian West, Chief Cyber Security at NATO Communications and Information Agency, and Peter Berghmans, Trainer, Thomas More & Data Protection Institute and Data Protection Officer, GZA Ziekenhuize, will share, discuss and debate security intelligence, data and analytics and the key security threats and challenges facing organizations, and how to build IT security strategies to not only protect the organization now but also provide flexibility to adapt in the future as legislation and risk evolves.

This exclusive roundtable meeting takes place on 11th December 2014 from 16:30 to 21:00 at Den Beckpot in Mechelen. The meeting will bring together 20 CIOs, CSOs and IT leaders to share and gain insights into the security challenges and threats impacting organizations and how to overcome them. The meeting is rounded off with a champagne reception and an exquisite meal to continue the debate and networking.


Reasons to Attend

"Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from others' experiences but, I also met very interesting and inspiring people"

Isaac Sheps
CEO, Carlsberg UK



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