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Transforming Leadership Development and How HR is Supporting the CEO Vision

Jean-Michel Estrade
Senior Vice President Global Employee Services, Atos

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21st Century Leadership Essentials

David Learmond
Senior Advisor and Senior Fellow, Human Capital, The Conference Board

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Organizational Leadership
A well-defined business strategy is vital. But many organizations fail when they attempt to implement a new strategy. Why? Although the strategy may be correct, your leadership across the company may not be prepared to implement strategic change or aligned in their efforts
to do so.
Stratégie et performance : comment combler l’écart Booster les résultats commerciaux grâce à la stratégie de leadership
Comme deux brins d’ADN qui s’entrelacent, stratégie commerciale et stratégie de leadership sont intimement liées. La stratégie commerciale définit la direction dans laquelle l’entreprise se dirige, tandis que la stratégie de leadership permet de déployer pleinement le potentiel humain de l’entreprise.
Driving Performance: How Leadership Development Powers Sustained Success
Leadership development is not just about developing leaders—it is about creating a culture of accountability and performance...Leadership development creates a magnet for high performers and fosters a high-performance organization.
Transforming Your Organization
Companies have no choice but to change. The world is moving and shifting fast; executives know it. Trying to cope, they are applying their
best thinking to the structures, systems, and processes they need to compete. Conventional wisdom says that the right business structures will provide the e ciencies, innovation, and agility that organizations need to succeed and sustain.
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