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Case Study: Cultural transformation journey

Joel Casse
Global Head of Executive & Leadership Development, Nokia

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Best-practice strategies to accelerate change and cultural transformation

Jeneva Patterson
Practice Leader, Organization Leadership, Center for Creative Leadership

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Analytics for Change How Networks and Data Science Will Revolutionize Organizational Change
Organizations and leaders at all levels are challenged by change. Whether
identifying needed changes, responding to changing situations, or
implementing multiple change initiatives, leading change is a fraught and
complex process.
Developing Network Perspective
Understanding the Basics of Social Networksand their Role in Leadership

Do you have a clear picture of the relationships within your organization? Do you see the ties that extend beyond your organization, into other organizations, communities, and the broader society? If so, you have
what we call network perspective.

Transformational Change: An Ecosystem Approach
What if our organizational change agents interacted like the players in natural ecosystems so that transformational change was truly widespread,
dominant, and self-sustaining? Change in the natural world occurs similarly to the way change occurs within our organizations. The problem is we don’t always recognize the similarities.


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